Why Westbrook LOST IT vs.Houston | Curry on Blowing Portland Out w/o KD by NBA Skyline   1 year ago


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00:06 - The exact thing that caused Russ to lose it
01:48 - Westbrook postgame - the moment he got angry & triple double record
03:35 - Curry praises McGee & talks about playing without KD
05:38 - J.R. Smith status & baby girl update

Man.. Westbrook needs to get thank you letter and a few million(or some actual help in OKC) from the NBA, ESPN, Fox... This guy is responsible for 50% of the media coverage this year, KD leaves - TV ratings probably went up... just insane. Without him the Thunder would not only be the worst team in the league(lol, playoffs.) but they would be the least watched team in the league.
This man alone has generated more income for the league this year than anybody else, by a longshot, without media hype up in the first place(which was the case with Curry etc..)
For this reason alone I think he deserves more respect. People want him to play with an insane amount of passion, so he carries the team despite the odds, but that obviously means that he is walking a very thin line between passion and just all out madness. And seeing his team once again blow a lead that he worked so hard for infront of his eyes tipped him over the edge.Not to mention cutting his very precious 4 minutes of recovery time.
Westbrook is carrying too much of a load, you absolutely can't blame this guy for anything at this point, there are limits to what a human being is capable of and he's at those limits right now.
Rant over, continuing the video off with some:

Curry postgame - The Warriors completely blew out the Blazers without Kevin Durant, their supposed best player...Game 1 gave us hope that we'd see a competitive series, but Steve Kerr's exceptional adjustments for G2 even with Livingston and Durant resting are proving otherwise. At least we are guaranteed to see spectacular offense thoughout every single game of this series.

Finishing off with J.R. Smith giving us an update of his status and talking about how even if he hadn't gotten injured, he would have missed most of the season to be with his baby daughter - Dakota.