20 Behind The Scenes Moments That Ruined Marvel Movies Before They Came Out by Screen Rant   3 weeks ago


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So many behind the scenes moments, so little time. Speaking of time, we’re about to go through all of the times that the Marvel team’s behind the scenes photos, marketing posters, Instagram posts and social media outbursts spoiled the movies. Whether closely guarded MCU secrets were actually revealed, the mystique was ruined or behind the scenes habits were exposed, these 20 situations showed us what life was like in the MCU for the cast and crew. And this dirty laundry gave fans a closer look at the franchise, whether or not the powers that be wanted us to know. Join ScreenRant as we pull back the curtain on one of cinema’s most beloved franchises. These moments might have been ill-timed leaks or purposeful releases of info. Regardless, they gave us a window into the making of one of the largest series of films ever to grace the silver screen.

We’re going to go over the reveal of Spider-Man’s new suit, we’ll meet Iron Man and Rocket’s body doubles, we’ll get a good look at Loki and Steve Rogers’ real life relationship and Stark and Thanos’ friendship as well. Plus, stay tuned as the way the fight between Thor and the Hulk really went down in that first Avengers film. There’s also live streams, damaging Lego pictures, poster fails, dangling actors, shots of partial armor, broken bones, lunch breaks, makeup pics, helicopter grabs, high heeled shoes, and Stan Lee cameos. We got it all here on ScreenRant.


Entry 1 - Spider-Man’s New Suit
Entry 2 - Iron Man’s Body Double
Entry 3 - Loki and Steve
Entry 4 - Rocket’s Body Double
Entry 5 - The Real Fight Between Thor and the Hulk
Entry 6 - Spider-Man’s Mo-Cap Suit
Entry 7 - Mark Ruffalo’s Live Stream
Entry 8 - Iron Man and Thanos
Entry 9 - The Avenger’s Poster
Entry 10 - Iron Man 3’s Dangling Actors
Entry 11 - Civil War Lego Pics
Entry 12 - Avenger’s Assembled
Entry 13 - Iron Man’s Partial Armor
Entry 14 - Hawkeye’s Broken Arms
Entry 15 - Stan Lee with Nebula
Entry 16 - Superheroes Need Lunch Too
Entry 17 - Gamora Getting Into Makeup
Entry 18 - Doctor Strange’s Portals
Entry 19 - Cap’s Helicopter Grab
Entry 20 - Iron Man’s Heels

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