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5 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded!


It is said that the late-80s sports hero Bo Jackson was the last of the legends that people actually got to tell each other about, as opposed to just saying, here, watch a clip. The internet - and the instant mass distribution of almost any eye-catching video - has changed the world to the point where almost everything is recorded. But why lament times gone by? Let's enjoy our newfound viral-videotaped universe. Here are 5 moments recently captured on video that you have to see to believe. Let's begin!

#5 First monster truck front flip

Ever watched BMX and wondered how they do a front flip on a bike? Seems challenging enough. How about a car? Wow, that's impressive. But earlier this year, driver Lee O' Donnell upped the ante even farther - with an incredible front flip in a gigantic racing truck. Yes, that's a front flip by a monster truck, a 10, 000 pound gorilla of a truck that can crush whole cars. Known as the Mad Scientist and the world's most gifted racer, O' Donnell has spent 20 years wowing audiences at truck and tractor pulls across the USA. But this incredible flip made history and wrote his name in the record books.

#4 Streamer Receives Donation from Player, Immediately Plays Against Them

Whether it’s a paycheck, found in our pant pockets or in the clothes dryer, money makes people happy whenever they see it. Enter Thijs, one of the most famous Hearthstone players on social media. During gameplay, he received a $30 donation from a friend of his, Kolento. Thijs continued to roll video and clicked to enter another fight in the game. But in one of the funniest coincidences in recent gaming history, the player chosen as his opponent was none other than he who had just donated the money, Kolento.

#3 Guy Hits Two Cars, Flies and Lives

Some people just won't die. We don't know if they're lucky, hardy or just immortal, but they seem to be guarded by the Gods. On the footage you can see this anonymous man driving a motorcycle very fast. He smashes into a car, flies into the air and lands on another motorist's wind shield. Amazingly, he gets up as if nothing happened at all. One YouTuber suggested that he must be made out of rubber. Another sagely pointed out that the company who made his helmet just got a new voucher, and possibly a new commercial ad.

#2 Insane Basketball Trick Shot

Many home-grown sports feat videos are clearly manipulated and set up in advance. Or, they person simply tried 100 times and recorded every one until getting the viral video clip they were after. But this man's trick basketball shot seems too astronomically difficult for either of those scenarios to be the case.Lounging on camera and drinking a beer, the man tosses the basketball behind him and is shocked when it bounds off the goal, off the roof of the house, and then finally into the net for a perfect switch. Look at his reaction - that doesn't seem like a doctored video stunt.

#1 Dad Shared Child Abuse With Youtube

In one of the darkest hours in the history of YouTube, a man physically abused his family and filmed the mistreatment to upload on YouTube. First, the father made his children fight and bully one another, with the larger of two boys giving a harsh beating to his other son. Then, bizarrely, he asked his wife to kick HIS butt while the cameras rolled - satisfyingly, she did. But he didn't stop there, eventually smashing their belongings and pulling a real gun on the poor helpless tots. Because there is a merciful God in heaven, YouTube discovered and banned the user, and the sick, demented man mumbled an apology to users in this video before hopefully disappearing from the planet.

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