Udon Is Japan's Other Great Noodle Soup | Food Skills by First We Feast   1 year ago


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For over a decade, ramen has more or less dominated the Japanese noodle game in New York City. But late last year, Japan's renowned TsuruTonTan opened its first U.S. location in Manhattan, drawing attention to a noodle typically overlooked by American diners: udon. Known for its plump and chewy texture, udon has been a staple of Japanese cuisine for a millennium. Thanks to TsuruTonTan—and a glowing review from Pete Wells in The New York Times—New Yorkers have finally started to expand their noodle horizons. Dunked in a slew of savory broths, and topped with ingredients like wagyu beef and sea urchin, TsuruTonTan's noodles are leading the udon revolution in NYC.

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