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Does your face turn red when you drink any alcohol? Ever wonder why you turn red with just a sip while others around you are perfectly fine?

Alcohol flush is most commonly associated with those of Asian descent but can occur to almost anyone. It all depends on your genetic make-up and if you have an enzyme in your body to break down alcohol correctly. You know you're missing this enzyme when your face or body turns red - a flush.

There is no cure for this condition and if you continue to drink alcohol regularly with this condition, you increase your risk for future health complications. Because your body is missing that second enzyme necessary to break down acetaldehyde (which is the same compound used to preserve bodies!!), your body continues to build on it with every sip you take. You turn red because your body is unable to rid itself of the acetaldehyde making your blood capillaries dilate and turn your face red.

For those with Alcohol Flush and continue to drink alcohol, you are at a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure to name a few. It may be fun to join a group of friends every now and then, but like anything, everything should be done in moderation.

It's hard not being able to drink all because you turn red. It's embarrassing, people think you're drunk with just the tiniest of sips, and you always feel like others are judging you for something you can't even control. When you're young, you just want to join the crowd, be cool, and fit in. But with a reaction to alcohol like that, how can anyone? Luckily, as time passes, you realize there are plenty of other things to do rather than drink heavily or at all. You get creative and find other ways to have fun and all the while remaining classy, not trashy. So if you ever feel uncomfortable about ingesting alcohol, feel free to say "no" and pick-up a non-alcoholic drink. After all, it's dark and no one will see what's really in your red solo cup.

Alternatives to drinking alcohol:
- Pour yourself a different non-alcoholic drink. As the night goes on, people will care less about what's in your cup as they pour more in their own.
- If you want to drink, there is no shame in babysitting your drink throughout the night. For social reasons, you can just carry it and not have to really drink it all. You feel better in the end because you don't have to worry about a red face!
- Go for those snacks. I don't know about you, but I love food. And if there's no food at a party, it's not a true party. So get your grub on because that's where it's really at.
- Meet someone new. The best thing about alcohol flush is you remember the night. You don't have to be drunk to meet someone new - no one really wants a sloppy person speaking to them. So, that conversation you had with that person, you'll remember it and won't have to dig deep to remember their name.

We hope this video helps you with your alcohol flush and anxieties to drinking. If you don't have alcohol flush, at least you now understand the struggles and that it's not that they don't drink enough, it's that they really can't do it. In the ends, it's always your choice if you want to drink or not. And if you do, just know your limits and don't be shy to say "no". If people still insist and pour you a drink despite you telling them you can't, well, then you know which friends you can't trust.