Deadly stink gas from Etch-A-Sketch?? (Hydrogen Sulfide!) by TheBackyardScientist   10 months ago


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Today I teach you how to make Aluminum Sulfide, a chemical that releases Hydrogen Sulfide on contact with water. Its one of the smelliest compounds in the world, and you can make it with an Etch-A-Sketch and Sulfur! Plus you get to set stuff on fire to make it, aww yeah!

I burned 100mmol (15g) of the mixture, and ended up with 8g of crude product. When I added it to water, I collected 200ml (~.25g, 8mmol) of Hydrogen Sulfide gas, thats only an 8% yield (3.4g, 2.45L theoretical yield). Pretty bad!

Of course using a proper crucible, and pure sulfur Im sure the yield could be doubled or tripled, but why?