EXPLORING GAME MASTER TOP SECRET CASTLE (face reveal using spy gadgets and mystery evidence clues) by Stephen Sharer   2 weeks ago


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After Stephen Sharer β€œFOUND GAME MASTER worlds tallest TOP SECRET SPY TOWER with HIDDEN ESCAPE ROOM INSIDE!!” Stephen and his sister Grace Sharer used the escape room slide to get out of of the top secret control room tower. Then the Sharer Fam started to explore the Game Master top secret castle located right in the center of London in the united kingdom. This castle was huge, filled with under water tunnels and a bunch of mystery evidence all over the castle. Before Steven and Grace found a way in, they started using their spy gadgets and explored the outside of the castle and saw a bird cage! Just like the cage they β€œTRAPPED GAME MASTER at TOP SECRET ABANDONED LOCATION!! (exploring for mystery clues and riddles)” now Steven Sher knew this must be the castle the GameMaster grew up in and started to go and explore the inside of the castle. Once inside Stephen and Grace found a top secret room in the top of the castle that had a reveal of the Game Master family. Looking even closer Stephen Sharer found the Face Reveal of the Game Master just like Rebecca Zamolo did. But in order to tell the Sharer Fam about the Game Master face reveal they had to use their spy gadgets to make it out of the castle with their master evidence clues inside. SO Steven and Grace ran to the river where they found a mystery clue key under water and a spy boat started following them! So the Sharers ran out from the under water river bed and traveled straight home to the Sharer Family house! Do you think this is the face reveal of the true #GameMaster or could it be his father?

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