Early Furby Commercial by wileyk209zback   9 years ago


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(READ NOTE on the bottom of the description!) A rare commercial from 1998 for the Furby, depicting old prototype Furby models (including one with a red beak) that were never made for sale. I'm not sure if this even aired on TV, cause I only remember seeing Furby commercials with the regular retail models.

BTW, the music, singers and announcer sound like something out of a Barbie commercial!

UPDATE: According to an article I read about Furby from December 1998, "On the marketing end, Posnick & Kolker scrapped an initial TV commercial that Tiger had judged as too emotional and little-girly ("It looked like a doll ad," sniffs Sims) in favor of a jazzier version with a jingle -- "Furby, You Keep Amazing Me" -- and a fuller view of the toy's capabilities, such as burping after being fed." That would explain why this version never aired, as it does seem more like a Barbie doll commercial, as I already mentioned.