The Test Results are In! by MinuteVideos   3 months ago


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It's episode 6 and 2 days after waking up in some random guys house, Kwan finally gets checked out and realizes what kind of person Cherngpha really is. FINALLY!!

While CherngPha calls a meeting with everyone to find a way to meet the Headquarters demands, his eyes have been opened. He really got a chance to meet and get to know the people he's working with which has now given him and Sontorn even more motivation to reach their goal. They're realizing more and more that they can make it, but they're going to have to work together as a team.

He will however, not be able to do manage everything on his own. He's going to need some help... And who else is best to help him?! They've just met for 3 days and already it's been non-stop drama. What will happen when they have to work together even more closely?!

Just wait until she hears about this. :D