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Top 10 Doctor Who Moments
The British Sci-fi series, Doctor Who has delivered some of the most thrilling moments in TV history. For this list we will be counting down the best Doctor Who moments of all time, looking at Doctor Who's greatest moments from the first doctor up until present day. Watch to see if your favourite is in our list!

00:49 #10: “You Can’t Rewrite History, Not One Line!”
01:43 #9: Adric’s Death
02:33 #8: Everybody Lives
03:19 #7: The Doctor Meets Himself
04:13 #6: The Doctor Comforts Victoria
05:08 #5: The “Daisy-est Daisy” Story
06:04 #4: Vincent Van Gogh Sees His Legacy
07:06 #3, #2, #1: ???

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