30 Celebrities Real Names You'll Never Believe by TheTalko   4 weeks ago


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You'll Never Guess These Celebs Real Names.
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Celebrities are different from us in some ways, but not always. They get invited to some lavish parties we wish we could step foot in. They get cheers when they walk on stage to sing or present an award. Meanwhile, we’re lucky if we even get invited to a kids party! But we do have some things in common. We all came out of our mother’s womb and were given pretty normal names. So how is it that some celebs wound up with cool names like Madonna and Cher? And why did we get stuck with plain names like Jane and Bob? But there’s a reason why these celebs decided to ditch their real names for something with a little more “oomph”. But do you think these celebrities made the right call by changing their real names? You’ll never believe some of the stage names and alias these people use! Tell us your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to TheTalko for more videos from us.

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