Antique Axe Restoration. I Did It Again, BUT BETTER... by Black Beard Projects   4 months ago


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More axe experiment. I'm pretty sure this has never been done before.
What do you think about this axe restoration - makeover?
Should I stop it?

This project is just for fun, my hope is to inspire others to make something just for fun. I know this kind of handle it's heavy (4kg or 9lbs) and very unpractical to make but I still love it as experiment and interesting piece overall.

Index of operation and materials:
0:15 Electrolysis: water and sodium carbonate solution, parts connected to negative side and steel sacrificial anodes to positive sice of a DC power supply (car battery charger). 2-3 hrs at 10amp.
1:52 Hot wire foam cutter machine and high density foam (kind used as home insulation).
3:00 Smoothing the foam sharp tool and 240 sandpaper.
3:40 Gluing foam piece with hot glue.
4:10 Regular white plaster brushed on foam to help with cast quality.
4:45 Lost foam mold preparation by sifting fine sand (I'm using burned out petrobond sand but any fine and dry sand would work)
5:24 Adding sodium carbonate as degassing agent and "lite salt" (a mix of potasium cloride and sodium cloride) as flux to the molten aluminum.
6:18 First try failed. Removing aluminum parts from head
6:26 Second try with different feeder configurations
7:20 Removing feeders with metal cutting band saw and hand saw
8:04 Refining aluminum parts with rasp file and sandpaper
8:32 Shaping wood key
9:05 Drilling 5mm holes for brass pins
9:20 Shaping handle with bandsaw, rasp, file and sandpaper
11:33 Burning wood with torch
11:56 Boiled linseed oil applied to wood
12:20 Re-grinding bevels and sharpening on belt grinder.

Thank you a lot for watching. See you next week!



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