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Inspiring us how to help those in need, to never give up, and always continue your journey no matter the uncertainty or doubt, the author, J.K. Rowling almost didn't write Harry Potter. Filled with disappointment, depression, homelessness, and a single mother, she was lost and had no idea if she would even survive.

This is one of our favorite people. Not only is J.K. Rowling's story inspirational and filled with motivation, but she is also a generous and authentic person. Throughout her hardships, her struggles, and depression, she managed to follow her passion and become hugely successful. But, she never let that success get to her head. She has remained humble and always remembering her difficult path, continues to help those around her through her stories, charity, and life story.

J.K. Rowling is the first billionaire author in the world. But her path was never easy. Filled with disappointment, depression, homelessness, she was lost and had no idea if she would even survive. She always knew she wanted to become an author, but people kept casting doubt that a career as an author had little money. Fighting between her passion or choosing something else became one of her biggest struggles.

It didn't get easier. After he mother passed away, J.K. Rowling found it difficult to live her life with any happiness. Even when she had a glimpse of her new baby girl, things just became more difficult and dark. She fell into a deep depression feeling as if life and happiness had been sucked away (Dementors). She even thought about suicide until she thought about her daughter's life as an orphan (Harry Potter). She quickly found help and after going to her sessions regularly, found the courage to finish her most creative and world-famous series, Harry Potter.

It's no surprise Harry Potter has some similarity to J.K. Rowling's actual life events. Even now, as Harry Potter helps his friends, she helps hundred through her generous donations.

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