NERF SLIME CANNON - how to make glitter slime (diy slime easy) by Stephen Sharer   1 year ago


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Do you love SLIME?! Well we love slime too and Nerf so that is why we made a Nerf Slime Cannon! It's actually super easy to make Glitter Slime. All you need is Glue, Water, and Borax. That is it. #SLIME I hope you enjoy this NERF SLIME CANNON vlog! If you have any questions on how to make slime and/or Glitter Slime and/or a Nerf Slime Cannon... let me know, comment #SLIME below and then your question(s)!!! 😊

Special thanks to FORA Outdoor Fix for sending us their Fora Blanket. This Fora Blanket not only held up against our Slime and water test but it is also puncture resistant, ultra compact, and super lightweight. You can order your Fora Blanket here:

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