MINECRAFT TSUNAMI DESTROYS CITY! by Logdotzip   9 months ago


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Minecraft tsunami washes ashore NEW items and NEW mobs!!
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The Tsunami is coming for us! This function pack will mod minecraft to add in new items, mobs, and the minecraft tsunami!! Some of the new items include new armor, as well as new blocks that you can mine. Don't forget the mighty trident as well!! This mod showcase also shows off the awesome power of the minecraft tsunami. You can use the minecraft tsunami in your minecraft 1.12 worlds to add a fun new minecraft challenge to the game! If you want to unlock the minecraft tsunami function pack then make sure to leave a like, I might just release it!!!

✅ Tsunami Function Pack by Xavier
✅ https://twitter.com/JragonXavier

🎶 Music by Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.