Mean Boyz by Todrick Hall by todrickhall   4 years ago


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To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of one of my favorite movies, I created this FABULOUS version of this iconic chick flick! Thank you to everyone involved for making this possible.

Todrick Hall
Colby Melvin (@colbymelvin)
Chris Crocker (insta: @itschriscrocker | twitter: @chriscrocker)
Kory De Soto (insta: @thekorsoto | twitter @korsoto)
Willam Belli (
Chester Lockhart (@chesterlockhart)
Carlie Craig (@carlie_craig)
Davis Rahal (@davisrahal)
Kashuna Perfected (@kashunaperfected)
Shawn Adeli (@shawnadeli)
ThurZday Lyons (@its_thurzday)

***PLEASE NOTE: only animal safe, vegan pet color was used in this video****

Featuring "That Christmas Song" ( and "Boy is a Bottom" ( by DWV.