5 New Dinosaur Discoveries that Reveal What They Looked Like in Real Life by Dark5   1 year ago


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This most realistic dinosaur fossil ever found looks like a living prehistoric statue…
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Dark5 presents 5 incredible dinosaur fossils that show us what prehistoric dinosaurs actually looked like when they were alive in real life… including the giant head, hollow eyes, and spiked protection of a 110-million-year-old nodosaur, color pigment discovered in a Psittacosaurus fossil that was used to create the most accurate colorized dinosaur model ever produced, Leonardo, the mummy dinosaur, whose “mummified” skin and muscle tissue give us the best evidence of how Hadrosaurs moved, the amazing discovery of a dinosaur brain that shows dinosaur intelligence may have been similar to that of modern birds and crocodiles, and a surprising theropod dinosaur tail covered in feathers and preserved forever trapped in amber.