MOVIE FIGHTS EXTRAVAGANZA!! (50+ All Star Fighters) by Screen Junkies   6 months ago


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Thank you all for your amazing generosity. It is because of your support this Extravaganza benefiting Women In Film exists. Now sit back, relax and get ready to experience the most epic Movie Fights ever!
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Thank you to all our fighters, contributors, and special guests for coming together to help us make this possible.

4:20 Honest Trailers Fight (Spencer vs. Joe vs. Dan)
14:20 Raw Dogs Unite!!!
18:50 First Gauntlet Round 1 (Film Therapy Brianne Chandler vs. Flash Thompson)
21:50 First Gauntlet Round 2 (Nerd GOAT Ed Greer)
24:20 First Gauntlet Round 3 (SYFY FANGRRLS Riley Silverman)
26:30 First Gauntlet Round 4 (Trusty Sidekick Jay Washington)
29:15 First Gauntlet Round 5 (DC Comics Marc Andreyko)
32:10 The work of WIF
38:20 Anime Fights (Emma Fyffe vs. Erica Ishey)
50:40 Nerd Fight (HyperRPG Hector Navarro vs. RT Jacqueline Coley vs. Nerdist Dan Casey)
1:00:50 Learning about Dr. Who
1:05:40 Classic Film Fights (Leonard Maltin vs. Jessie Maltin with Alicia Malone)
1:18:25 Even more Mundy
1:23:20 Second Gauntlet Round 1 (Nerdificent Ify Nwadawe vs. G&S Matt Key)
1:26:45 Second Gauntlet Round 2 (Collider Wendy Lee Szany)
1:29:15 Second Gauntlet Round 3 (Collider Heroes Markeia McCarty)
1:32:55 Second Gauntlet Round 4 (Internet Sensation Amy Dallen)
1:35:05 Second Gauntlet Round 5 (Gamemaster Lon Harris)
1:38:00 Second Gauntlet Round 6 (MMN Coy Jandreau)
1:42:20 TV Fights (Afterbuzz Yael Tygiel vs. Six Degrees Stacy Howard vs. Targaryan Michelle Boyd)
1:54:50 Women in Film
2:00:45 Collider Fight (Mark Ellis vs. John Rocha vs. Perri Nemiroff)
2:17:50 Ladies Fight (Jacqueline Coley vs. Dirty Aunt Roth vs. Amy Nicholson)
2:32:20 Scoops Returns
2:38:05 Gamer Fights (Kinda Funny Greg Miller vs. OMGitsfirefoxx vs. Pam Horton)
2:50:50Even More Mundy!!!
2:58:20 Puppet Fight (HyperRPG Cucumber vs. HyperRPG Chunk vs. #Botanicus Mike Carlson)
3:11:00 Joe and Ify do things
3:16:05 Doug Benson exists (Actor Sam Levine vs. Fandom Clark Wolfe vs. Fat Men Marc Bernardin)

Alicia Malone
Amy Dallen
Amy Nicholson
Art Vega
Brianne Chandler
Clark Wolfe
Coy Jandreau
Dan Casey
Dan Murrell
Danielle Radford
Danny Montooth
Doug Benson
Ed Greer
Emma Fyffe
Erika Ishii
Grae Drake
Greg Miller
Hector Navarro
Ify Nwadiwe
Jacqueline Coley
Jay Washington
Jen Yamato
Jessie Maltin
Joe Starr
Joelle Monique
John Rocha
Kristian Harloff
Leonard Maltin
Marc Andreyko
Marc Bernardin
Mark Ellis
Markeia McCarty
Matt Key
Matt Raub
Max Song
Michele Boyd
Mike Carlson
Nikole Z
Pam Horton
Perri Nemiroff
Riley Silverman
Roth Cornet
Roxy Striar
Samm Levine
Sasha Perl-Raver
Sonja Reid
Spencer J Gilbert
Stacy Howard
Tony Revolori
Wendy Lee Szany
Yael Tygiel
Ken Napzok