My Life is Over. I'm Pregnant by MinuteVideos   4 months ago


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"The alcohol made me forget everything. All I could think about was all the new sensations that were happening to me."

While growing up, we make tons of mistakes. Some we regret, but we pick ourselves up and learn from them. Perhaps the most regrettable decision any young girl can make is being pregnant. It's not the end of the world, but the judgments that come with it, the plans we have or the dreams we always dreamt are now put on hold. The most important question isn't "Why did I do this to myself" or "Should I keep the baby", but how can I prevent this if I am not ready to have a baby.

For this individual, she had just gotten into her dream college and her dreams of becoming a social worker are coming together. While at a party, she decided to celebrate a little more than usual by drinking a few drinks. But what turned into a few got her drunk and she had sex with her boyfriend. A few months pass and she starts getting morning sickness and her worse fear of being pregnant is now true with the results of her pregnancy test. Her boyfriend didn't wear a condom that night because it "felt better".

What will she do now? How will she tell her mom? What about her college acceptance? What will her friends think of her?

We want to remind everyone, young or old, to always use the proper protection when having any sexual activity. It may "feel good" for one night, but is it worth putting everything on hold if you are not ready?

Thank you for watching our video! Some of you will notice that we've posted an earlier version of this a few months ago, but because we agree with what many of you pointed out in the comments (that even if Patty had been pregnant it wouldn't have meant that her life is "over") we decided to change the ending to reflect that. We always try to improve, so please feel free to comment as usual and let us know what you thought of this video.