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Before 'Game of Thrones' Season 7, here's a current look at the Facebook feeds of your favorite characters
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Jon Bailey - http://www.youtube.com/jon3pnt0
Night King, Tyrion, The Hound

Brizzy - http://www.youtube.com/brizzyvoices
Sansa, Daenerys, Facebook

Shayne Topp - http://www.youtube.com/smosh
Kovarro, Littlefinger, Lord Varys, Podrick, Theon

Brock Baker - http://www.youtube.com/mcgoiter
Samwell Tarly, George R.R. Martin

Lucy Cudden - http://www.twitter.com/lucycudden

Owain Rhys Davies - http://www.twitter.com/owainRdavies
Jon Snow

Amanda Philipson - http://www.twitter.com/PhilipsonAmanda
Gilly, Arya

Ryan Tellez - http://instagr.am/tellezryan
Jaime, Bran

Odom - http://instagr.am/mr.spodom
The Mountain

Written by Michael Gabriel, Michael Adams Davis, and Michael Schroeder

Edited by Chance Cole

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