$400 Juicero Juicer In-Depth Review & Hand Squeezing Produce Pack by DiscountJuicers.com   2 years ago


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John from http://www.discountjuicers.com/ shares his opinions on the Juicero Juicer in this in-depth comparison review.

First, John will open a juice pack to show you the contents inside, and if the pack already contains liquid or not.

Next, You will see man vs machine where John will squeeze the Juicero Juice pack with his bare hands and at the same time, the juicero will squeeze the same juice pack to see who is faster and who can make more juice.

Next, John will juice the remnant pulp from the Juicero in an Omega VSJ843 juicer to see if he can extract more juice.

Next, John will juice the contents of one juicero juice pack to see the yield difference and share with you the color difference and explain the discrepancies between them.

Next, John will compare the Juicero a $5 press pack, and Juicing $5 of organic produce in the VSJ843 to see which can make more juice in the same amount of time.

Finally, John will attempt to juice oranges in a Juisir Press Bag in the Juicero juicer to see if it works. He will also juice the same oranges in the Omega VSJ843 to show you the color difference and explain his opinions on why this is so, and the nutritional quality difference.

After watching this in-depth review of the Juicero juicer, you will learn if you will want to purchase this juicer or a standard cold press juicer. You will also learn more about their juice packs and probably more that you wanted to know about this juicer.

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TOC of this video:
0:01:45 Why Juicing is Good For You
0:21:15 My opinions on the Juicero Produce Pack
0:24:29 Cutting open Juicero Produce Pack to see what inside?
0:25:25 Man vs Machine Introduction
0:29:00 Juicero vs Me Hand Pressing Produce Pack with stopwatch
0:39:13 Juicero vs Omega VSJ843 Comparison Explained
0:48:00 Juicing Juicero Produce Pack in Omega VSJ843 to see yield
0:51:00 Compare Juicero Juice vs Omega VSJ843 Juice made with same produce
0:58:00 Juicero vs Omega VSJ843 speed and cost of juice test
1:06:03 Pressing juice out of cut oranges in a Juisir Bag in the Juicero
1:12:33 Creating Orange Juice in the Omega VSJ843
1:13:21 Comparing pressed orange juice vs Omega VSJ843 Juice