DUCT TAPED OUR PARENTS TOGETHER! *PRANK* by Funk Bros   11 months ago


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Duct taped our parents together prank war! Mom and dad duct taped together as one.

Good morning world, sadly our dope peeps marshmallow fort is falling apart but we made the best out of it, while Corey was changing the oil to his car we teleported to the skatepark to ride our pro scooters. Threw on the GoPro and tossed a couple scooter tricks and flips, love the way the GoPro looks! Backflip, front flip, the usual. Got called one of my favorite tricks a backflip inward. Corey and I were stoked on the morning session, went to Walmart and literally got kicked out in 15 mins for having a camera. Busted out the nerd gun and shot the drive thru worker at del taco LMAO, then she shot me, savage man. Went back home to do an Easter egg hunt and we updated you on nitro circus! Our mischievous plan worked, hugged the whole family and started taping them together! Our parents were pissed but laughing at the same time, hopefully we don't get into a prank war ;)

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